Saturday, 7 April 2018

Group Interaction in a High Risk Environment

One of the training programs I deliver is Crew Resource Management / Working Safely Around Aircraft. In the program we discuss how to work together safely in an aviation environment and other skills related to teams in high stress environments. The skills can be taken into different industries such as emergency services, health care, military... anywhere where it is important to work in a group in an environment where risk is a factor.

Now, aviators out there may look at this clip of a Fletcher crop dusting in New Zealand and wince at the risk and the likelihood of a dangerous occurrence and possible disastrous outcomes; others may merely marvel at the skill of the pilot.

For me it's a little of both... but one thing that is undeniable - and with which I am particularly impressed - is the efficiency of the operation.

Efficiency means saving time, saving lives and saving money. In this instance the pilot and the ground crew are good at their individual jobs and good at working together as a team.

For more information on my Crew Resource Management / Working Safely Around Aircraft... and to see another video on how the WSAA course  works, go here:

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